FlexCAM is a leading conveyor system specialist to the food and beverage, paper, pharmaceutical, personal and home care industries in Australia and New Zealand. As the exclusive distributor of FlexLink’s industry leading aluminium and stainless-steel conveyor systems, we offer efficient and practical material handling solutions to local manufacturers.

Our range of services include engineering design consultation, system documentation, delivery of components, assembly, installation, and ongoing and preventative maintenance options.


Our Services

Parts and Components

Extensive range of FlexLink's standard and proven components.

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Engineered Solutions

Fully optimised design solutions to meet specific manufacturing requirements.

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Preventative and ongoing maintenance support for optimum operating efficiency.

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Assembly and Installation

Full range of assembly & installation services for smooth operation.

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Our Clients


We specialise in practical and reliable turnkey and engineered material handling solutions for the food, dairy, beverage, pharmaceutical, paper, personal and home care industries.

Our focus is to help manufacturers achieve optimum production efficiency, and low total cost of ownership.

FlexCAM systems are highly flexible and can be easily adapted to deal with the continuously changing demands of modern manufacturing. Our solutions are extremely durable, operator friendly and easy to maintain and clean minimising valuable downtime for our customers.

Conveyor Systems

As the exclusive distributor of FlexLink’s full range of products, we offer industry leading aluminium and stainless steel conveyor systems to Australian and New Zealand manufacturers.

FlexLink products are the global benchmark for their innovative design permitting low risk engineering and flexible line configurations. The standardised components simplify assembly and installation, cut start-up time, and allow for trouble free future line modifications, and replacement of damaged parts.